Balan Wonderworld excites 3D platformer fans


The dream team is back after 20 years

Microsoft's Xbox Showcase held a hidden gem last week, with the announcement of Balan Wonderworld, a dreamy 3D platformer from the very same minds behind Sonic the Hedgehog and NiGHTS Into Dreams: The legendary Yuji Naka and Naoto Ohshima.

Balan is a mysterious maestro, responsible for sending our protagonists Emma and Leo into twelve different dream worlds, blending reality and emotions. Help the two sort out their feelings and rescue the worlds' inhabitants with over 80 special costumes! These grant unique transformations that allow special abilities, like flight, swimming, shooting, and super mobility. Master them to rediscover new routes, secrets, and previously inaccessible areas.

Surprisingly, this is not a SEGA title. Square Enix is backing the duo under the new BALAN COMPANY team, and with any luck, we'll be seeing more to come from them in the future.

Find the steam page here.
Find the official homepage here.