A Journey to the Orange Moon


One Small Step for Man?


- Detailed tutorial
- Puzzles
- Good stage design
- Simple and fast upgrades menu
- Boss fights

- There are bugs
- Jerky animations
- Enemies are too easy / low challenge
- Sound settings reset all the time
- Repetitive

- Average

Detailed Review

It has been a few months since I last had the opportunity to play a 2D platformer. Orange moon is a 2D platformer in which you explore a new planet (and guess what? It's orange). On this moon, the player has to go through multiple enemies and puzzles to complete each level. There are a handful of bosses, and also a few secret places to find.

In general the game is interesting, it has a basic tutorial that explains the basics of the game right away. Since it is also not very difficult, the stages are relatively stress free, but become frustrating when you encounter some of the game's bugs and behaviors.

For example, I didn't notice anything out of the ordinary during my first play through of the second day. The enemies were, in general weak-- the torrents of bullets are extremely slow and most of the enemies were easy to kill. But very annoyingly, I encountered a bug that did not open the door that was required to finish the stage. After repeating the stage 4 times with no success, I decided to reinstall the game, and that finally solved the problem. It was a real test of patience.

Speaking about the stages, I really liked what I saw. Orange Moon has an absurd amount of secrets per stage, which makes you, as the player, want to explore. You'll also encounter tricky bosses which keep things interesting. And that feeling is important, because without the puzzles, boss fights, and secrets, the game lacks a certain objective to keep you playing. Without them, the game would be boring.

What about the audio and visuals? I really liked the starting screen and the environment present in the stages, but even so, I can't forgive the terrible animations, from the feet of the your character to the movement of the bullets, that make it feel like we’re in the middle of the Matrix. If only the animations could be more fluid, this wouldn't be a problem. I also encountered one annoyance with the sound. When I was replaying the second day as described above, everything was very loud. I'm sure I set the volume lower, but it seems my settings never seemed to save.

In short, I think that Orange Moon has a good foundation, but that it could have been better developed in order to avoid the various problems described here. If those bugs could be resolved, if the game had more of a challenge, and if the animations were more smooth, then the game would be much more interesting in general.


Disclaimer: This review was not endorsed in any way. A copy was provided by the developer

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