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 The Outer Worlds

Sci-fi space western from the creators of Fallout New Vegas. Non-linear gameplay and varied perks allow you to customize your experience. DLC not needed for 100% πŸ†48 πŸ•’35hr πŸ˜ƒGuided


Shape is an introspective first person walking sim with light puzzles. The minimal art style and relaxing sounds create a calming experience. Complete the game & all dialogue for 100% πŸ†9 πŸ•’2hr πŸ˜ƒEasy

 Gordian Rooms A curious heritage

Finished The ROOM and hungry for more? While not quite up to its level, Gordian's escape rooms are a satisfying, though simple, challenge. Completion & lore collection achievements πŸ†6 πŸ•’3hr πŸ˜ƒEasy

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